Cheek Enhancement

Fuller cheeks  have always been associated with youth and beauty, as we age the composition and structure of our cheeks alter and we begin to see less defined cheeks and cheeks with less volume. Some clients opt for cheek fillers to add volume to a young face where they require a higher cheek bone and some cheek enhancement clients have lost volume in their face due to weight loss. 

Some clients may prefer a natural look whereas others may seek a full or high defined cheekbone, whatever your preference Jay will guide your decision, making sure that your choice will suit your face, she will also ensure that you are happy with your final result. 

Cheek Augmentation can help with many issues for example: 

Replenish lost volume

Restore a youthful curve to the cheek

Create high firm cheekbones

Provide a softer more natural way of lifting lines around the mouth

Remove 'jowling'

Cheek enhancement treatments are performed using Dermal Fillers and clients have an instant result which can be seen immediately. 

So What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers are clear gels made from Hyaluronic Acid which is a naturally occurring substance found in the skin, as it is already found in our body there is no need for allergy testing and this also means that our body can break down the filler over time. 

When injected into the skin Hyaluronic Acid volumises, softens and hydrates the area, it also aids collagen and elastin production. 

At Luxe Aesthetics Jay offers a wide range of products such as Restylane®, Juvederm® and Teosyal®- Jay prefers to spend a little extra on the products she uses, this means that they include local anesthetic pain relief resulting in a more comfortable treatment experience for the client.

Jay only uses FDA approved products purchased, manufactured and approved for use in the UK.


What should I expect on the day of treatment?

When you arrive Jay will apply a topical numbing cream to the area to be treated and give you some paperwork to complete.

Jay will then show you before and after photos of her work and answer any questions that you may have. You will discuss together the result that you are hoping for and Jay will ensure that she can provide you with your desired results before beginning the treatment. 

Once the cream has taken effect Jay will remove it and begin marking your face and the areas to be injected to ensure symmetry. 

Jay will then begin to perform the injections, cheek enhancements are probably the least uncomfortable dermal filler treatment on the market. There are two application options for Cheek Enhancements- needle or cannula injections. Jay will decide which treatment method will be most appropriate to perform your personalised treatment.

Jay will show you the results of your treatment and ensure that you are happy with your new appearance. 

Jay will contact you in the week following your treatment to ensure that you have healed well and are still happy with the results.


What will the results look like? 

You may have some slight redness after the treatment and as with all injectable treatments there is always a risk of bruising, Jay will give you full oral and written aftercare instructions. 

For clients having the treatment as a results of aging, the Buccal fat pad over the cheek bone will appear restored- goodbye hollows! Also the lifting effect of the cheeks will reduce the jowling affect that the client has along the jaw line. Nose to mouth lines will also appear reduced.

For younger clients who want to add a more defined look to their face by creating higher cheek bones the results will also be immediate and Jays client will leave the clinic with a gorgeous defined cheekbone ready to be contoured. 

Cheek fillers tend to last longer than other Dermal Filler treatments so Jay advises that this treatment will last approximately 9-18 months.