Lip Enhancement

Fuller lips have always been associated with youth and beauty. 

As we age the composition and structure of our lips alter and we begin to see less defined lips and lips with less volume, some people also have naturally smaller lips regardless of their age.

Some clients may prefer a natural look whereas others may seek a full pout or highly defined lip, whatever your preference Jay will guide your decision, making sure that your choice will suit your face, she will also ensure that you are happy with your final result.


Who Is Suitable?

Lip Augmentation/Enhancement can help with many issues for example: 

Thin Lips
Small Lips
Uneven Lips
Lipstick 'bleed lines' can be softened
'Smokers Lines' can be smoothed
The edges of the lips can be lifted to restore their youth
The cupids bow can be defined

Lip treatments are personalised to the clients natural lips and to meet their desired result whether you would like a soft natural lip or a plumped up pout Jay will work to develop a personalised treatment plan.

Before Jay begins the area is fully numbed to ensure a comfortable treatment process, Jay also only uses products containing Lidocaine (a numbing agent) which means that your lips numb further as she is performing the treatment. 

Lip fillers last between 6-9 months.


What Actually Are Lip Fillers?

They are made from Hylauronic Acid which is a natural substance found in our bodies. 

There are many products available on the market such as Restylane and Juvederm which Jay will discuss with you during the consultation process. 

Once injected into the lips the gel supports, volumises and shapes the structure of the lips. 

Jay has control over the lip she creates from shape to volume and the amount of filler injected can be controlled, there is no need to worry about your lips being too big or an undesirable shape. 

However if you desire a big plumped up pout Jay will use a gradual pace of treatment. The injections can be given gradually and even during different appointments until the desired results are achieved. 

As Hylauronic acid is already found in our bodies allergic reaction is very unlikely.  But if you are allergic to lidocaine, please tell Jay before being treated.


What To Expect During The Procedure

Lip augmentation techniques can be performed quickly at Luxe Aesthetics with little to no downtime, the appointment will take approximately 30 minutes which will include completing paperwork, numbing the area, looking at before and after photos of Jays previous work and the treatment itself.

Once you are numbed and after a thorough dicussion with Jay including a good look at photographs, Jay will carefully asses your natural lips and begin the treatment using very fine needles to inject the filler into your lips. The treatment is only slightly uncomfortable and clients are always surprised by this. 

Following injection, Jay will explain the after care instructions to you and give you an information sheet to take home. Jay may give you an ice pack  to apply to the treated area to ease discomfort and control swelling. But no firm pressure should be put onto the lips. 

You will be able to notice a difference immediately and will have some slight swelling which will go down after 24-48 hours.