Jay believes that client consultation is just as important as the actual treatment itself, every client will receive a 1:1, personalised assessment of their needs in a comfortable and relaxing environment. 

This consultation time is not just used for Jay to discover the client’s requirements but also for Jay and the client to get to know each other in order for the client to feel comfortable and confident to ask any questions and to feel reassured about the whole treatment process 

Jay will always give clients a cooling off period- time to consider if this is the right treatment for them. 

Jay can also provide reading material for clients to take home to further explain the treatment and answer any questions. 

Jay will always provide clients with an honest consultation ensuring that the treatment requested will be cost effective as well as meet the clients desired results, the treatment plan will be individually tailored to meet each client’s unique requirements. 

Every new client will receive a detailed consultation and existing clients will also receive a mini consultation prior to any additional treatments. 

To book your free no obligation consultation please see the contact us page.  

All products used are FDA approved and are purchased from recognised pharmacies/suppliers who supply not only other clinics but also the NHS

All needles used are single use and are disposed of immediately after use

All products and equipment are sterile