When Jay had been performing treatments for approximately 6 months she was contacted by one of the ladies below and decided to seek out an additional CPD training course so that she would be able to help ladies in these terrible situations. 

Jay therefore trained in Hylauronidaise treatments to correct poor lip treatments where there is an issue with the result. 

Jay now has numerous clients coming to her from other practitioners to repair their work. 

Below are some case studies. 

(Hylauronidaise treatments are actually more of a risk to the client than the original lip enhancement treatment- they can not be performed on a regular basis and should only be used as a last resort)

PLEASE always remember your face is the first thing that people see when they meet you, our faces are a valuable asset and should be treated the same way we would treat a Ferrari. 

Would you take a Ferrari to a backstreet garage with unqualified, uninsured, unskilled staff for a paint job?  I am sure the answer is no. Then please do not treat your faces this way!

If a deal or treatment seems too good to be true then it probably is. A mistake with a lip augmentation treatment will be so much more expensive in the long run, not just financially but also emotionally.

Incorrect Injection Technique

This client contacted Jay in a major panic immediately after having her lips injected for the second time within one week by a nurse practitioner.

The original treatments were performed by the same nurse, the client had her first treatment on a Monday and could immediately see that the result was unsymmetrical, the nurse correctly advised the client that this may be due to swelling and asked her to return two days later. 

The client returned to the nurse who used a different product to try to even out the lips (a different product should never be used within 1 month). 

This resulted in the clients lips looking severely unsymmetrical and unbalanced.

The lady was distraught and contacted me to see if I could help. 

Jay completed a thorough consultation process and arranged for the client to meet with her Prescriber.

Jay dissolved the filler over two sessions with the client returning two weeks later to have more filler added. 

The lady was extremely pleased with the results and has since returned to Jay for numerous other treatments.


Lumpy Unsymmetrical Lips

This client originally had her lips enhanced at a very well known clinic and was left with a very unsymmetrical result as well as numerous hard painful lumps in her lips

This lady came to Jay for help and advice, Jay advised the client to return to the clinic that had originally treated her and ask for them to dissolve the filler and repair the poor treatment. 

The previous clinic actually refused to help and the client was left feeling angered, disappointed and upset. It is therefore important to remember to ensure that your practitioner is not only qualified to but will also be willing to correct your treatment if necessary.

Jay arranged for the client to return to Luxe and meet with her Prescriber to ensure that the lady was medically suitable for a Hylauronidaise procedure to dissolve the filler. Jay held a thorough consultation with her new client to ensure that her expectations of the final result were realistic.

The lady then returned a few days later and Jay dissolved the filler over two sessions and had the client return on another separate third occasion to have the filler built back up.

Jays client was very pleased with her new lips and was excited to show family and friends the corrected results.


Scar Correction

This lady came to Jay with a scar in the mouth area from a dog bite as a child, despite seeing numerous doctors she had never found a way to have the scar fully removed and was very conscious about it. 

The client originally contacted Jay to enquire if she would still be a suitable candidate for lip augmentation although she had scar tissue in the mouth area, Jay explained via telephone consultation that she may actually be able to disguise the scar and asked the lady to come into the clinic for a face to face consultation. 

After meeting the client Jay confirmed that she would be a suitable candidate and explained the treatment process to the lady, Jay explained how the injecting may feel differently in the scar tissue and ensured that the client had realistic outcome expectations. 

Jay performed a regular lip enhancement treatment on the client to balance the shape of her lips, Jay had to perform the treatment at a slow pace to ensure that she restored symmetry to the clients lips. Jay added more filler on one side to balance the lips where the scar had disfigured the shape. 

Jay also added filler to the actual scar itself which was above and below the lip area to plump it out and help it to appear smoother. 

This lady was emotional when she saw the results, stating that she never thought she would have a 'normal' smile again.


Lumpy Lips

This client originally had her lip treatment performed by a Doctor in a hair salon.

The client was left with numerous lumps and bumps and when she spoke with the Doctor was told to just keep massaging her lips to make these lumps go away. 

Jay met the client for an initial consultation and  discussed her options, the expected results, the treatment process and price. 

The lady decided to go ahead and have the filler dissolved and then further filler added two weeks later after her lips had healed. 

Jay arranged for the client to meet with her Prescriber in order to go through some medical history questions and have the prescription for the Hylauronidaise written. 

The client returned a few days later to have the lumps removed which is a quick and surprisingly pain free process. The lumps dissolved almost immediately and the client left with slightly swollen lips which calmed down over the next couple of days. 

The lady then returned two weeks later and had 1 ml of filler added to her lips. 

She was over the moon with her results as was Jay.