Tear Troughs

The eyes are easily the most important feature on the face. Their ability to be a highlight of the face is diminished by lines, wrinkles, eyelash loss, eyebrow drooping and cheek volume loss - all things that can be skillfully restored by Jay.

The area between the lower eyelid and upper cheek is referred to as the 'Tear Trough'. As we age these change in appearance becoming longer, deeper and more shadowed. This is a normal part of the ageing process but gives the impression of being tired and less youthful looking.


Who Is It Suitable For?

The tear trough treatemnt is ideal for clients who have:

Dark Circles

Sunken/Hollow areas under the eye

Tired Looking Eyes

Eye Bags

Wrinkles under the eye area

If you always look tired even after you've had a good night's sleep it can be disheartening and make you look older than your years. Tear Trough Treatment is a non-surgical eye treatment that can restore your looks instantly.

As we age the delicate skin under the eye becomes loose and the cheek fat descends into the middle of the face leaving semi-circular creases and depressions known as tear troughs. These depressions make the eyes look ‘sunken’ and produce the illusion of darkening around the eyes resulting in ‘dark circles’ or ‘tired eyes’.

Dermal fillers are now used to eliminate the hollows you may have beneath your eyes and bring them back from the depths. By lifting these depressions it can take away the tired appearance and lighten the dark circles caused by shadowing. Introduced under the skin using very fine needles, fillers re-create the plump, firm foundation your delicate under eye area had previously.


What Actually Are Dermal Fillers?

They are made from Hyaluronic Acid which is a natural substance found in our bodies, Hyaluronic Acid is a water binding molecule which means that its job is to carry water around our bodies. 

There are many products available on the market but Jay prefers to use Teosyal Redensity 2 which is especially created, licensed and formulated for use in this area. This product has a light reflecting property which means that it helps to disguise dark circles even more than other products available.

As Hylauronic acid is already found in our bodies allergic reaction is very unlikely.  But if you are allergic to lidocaine, please tell Jay before being treated.


What To Expect During The Treatment?

Tear Trough techniques can be performed quickly at Luxe Aesthetics with little to no downtime, the appointment will take approximately 30 minutes which will include completing paperwork, numbing the area, looking at before and after photos of Jays previous work and the treatment itself.

Once you are numbed and after a thorough discussion with Jay including a good look at photographs, Jay will carefully asses your eye area and begin the treatment using very fine needles to inject the filler. The treatment is only slightly uncomfortable and clients are always surprised by this. 

Following injection, Jay will explain the after care instructions to you and give you an information sheet to take home. Jay may give you an ice pack  to apply to the treated area to ease discomfort and control swelling. But no firm pressure should be applied to the area. 

You will be able to see the results immediately and will have some slight swelling which will go down after 24-48 hours

There is also a high risk of bruising in this delicate area so Jay encourages clients to have the treatment performed at lease 7 days before any special events.